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Symbian S60 Now Runs On Intel Atom


The S60 platform which has been on a handful of Nokias for the past years has been slowly evolving, and now, the next step apparently is running the S60 Platform on an Intel Atom based motherboard. The SOSCO Team, (S60 on Symbian Customer Operations) did a trial test where the S60 Platform ran on an Intel Atom based motherboard, they were able to use the whole platform and show the true power of S60, they also did a phone call and performed an OpenGL demo with a vanilla bookshelf PC case, a monitor, S60 running on an Intel Based motherboard and a monitor.  The following pictures show how S60 runs on Atom! This is truly amazing, the S60 platform now running on Atom is a complete dream that would make any fan and user smile for a very long time, we hope that Nokia takes the decision to launch an Intel Atom based Smartphone in the near future, that would be a step closer to produce a true mobile computer. Enjoy the pictures!





Via: Symbian Foundation

  • Billman87

    This is very interesting I am a fan of the S60 platform and would be very interested in testing compatibility and driver development. Good work.