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Symbian Now Enjoys Continuous Updates, SF CEO Resigns

Why divide a platform in releases? That is exactly what Nokia was doing. They divided Symbian in versions, and generally, the release of a new version also meant the release of new hardware. This way of managing releases isn’t very good for users, since they need to buy a new device to get the new features in the new version. But, this old fashioned way of doing business is over! Nokia is now dropping Symbian^3, and Symbian^4. From now on, it is just Symbian.┬áThe way it will work is very similar to Android. Symbian will release updates that will bring features from Symbian^4, to devices initially shipped with Symbian^3. Just like a Nexus One getting Froyo 2.2 after being shipped with Eclair 2.1. Why is this relevant? Well, this means devices like the E7, N8 and C7 will be getting features planned for Symbian^4 if hardware permits. Of course there will be a point in which a determined device won’t support the new updates because lack of hardware.

The decision seems brilliant in our opinion. Now awesome hardware, like the N8 and E7, will keep being updated, receiving new features, and fixing annoyances. Now the N8 will receive a new web browser, and all the future native apps Nokia codes in Qt. There will be a point in which the N8 won’t look anything like the device it initially was. Every time an update is released, it will be like using a brand new phone.

In other news, the Symbian Foundation CEO, Lee Williams, resigned for “personal reasons.” Now the Symbian Foundation’s CFO will succeed him with immediate effect. We are a bit suspicious on William’s sudden leave. It happened right when the new Symbian news were announced, could everything be interconnected? We probably will never know…

  • Jorgearturo

    Those are GREAT news, really great!, I wanted that since the iPhone arrived and Android replicated, so we all have the same OS (in the symbian devices), instead of the N97 version of the OS firmware update, it is a general OS upgrade, amazing!

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