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Symbian Horizon Launched | S60 5th is Now Symbian^1

A topic that we have recently forgotten in the ”Nokia World”,  is the whole Symbian Foundation situation. It has gone unnoticed for a few months; and, if you didn’t know, Symbian S60 (and UIQ, MOAPs) are now Symbian Foundation. It is  a bit confusing how everything suddenly changed from ”S60” to ”Symbian Foundation”. Here is an interesting fact: S60 5th Ed, the platform running on the N97, 5800 5530 etc…, is no longer called S60 5th Ed, the new name is ”Symbian^1”. But even more confusing is that the Symbian Foundation just released their own app store called ”Symbian Horizon”.

symbian foundation logo

Symbian Horizon currently features 44 apps on their online directory you can find here: Symbian Horizon. The app directory doesn’t have a mobile client so far, that means that Ovi Store is still the best choice. Seems like the Symbian Horizon store is more of a ”beta” project aimed at the future, starting to collect apps for when the Symbian Foundation takes over. And by the way, Symbian^1 is pronounced ”Symbian one” not ”Symbian to the one” or other mathematical terms ;)