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Symbian Foundation Logo is Ready! Download Wallpapers


Until December 02  Symbian was owned by several companies, after that date,  Nokia bought them all to transform them into Symbian Foundation, in this foundation all the variants from Symbian like UIQ, MOAPs a and of course S60 will unify into one platform which will be an open source OS. This future OS will be the heart of upcoming Nokia handsets and will set the future of mobile free.  Some members of the Symbian Foundation are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, NTT DoCoMo, AT&T and Visa. 


Anyway, the great news for today are that the new Symbian Foundation logo and temporary site are ready! We have seen how sites like Symbian Signed and S60 Blogs have been slowly changing, they are getting ready for the big change to finally become Symbian Foundation sites. Today the Symbian Foundation is moving closer to its launching with the new temporary site and logo.  The new logo and concept of Symbian Foundation are nothing like one would expect, they are not ”serious” at all and they rather inspire ”friendliness” and look like childish images rather than a company logo. However, I think it is very innovative because breaks the paradigm that company logos have to be serious and follow some specific patterns, this new logos from Symbian Foundation actually inspire me to think that Symbian Foundation will be nice, cool, fun, innovative different and finally better than the rest of OSs. You can have a look at the new logo and site here: Symbian Foundation.  You can also get Symbian Foundation wallpapers here: Wallpapers

Aside from the new logo of the Symbian Foundation, the Symbian Foundation got its first piece of hardware, it runs Symbian^2 OS and contrary to what you would think it is not a phone, not even a PC: it is a toaster, you got it right a bread toaster. The bread toaster is available as a pre-order as from today! 



  • BreadSense mode that uses internal sensors to figure out the ideal heat setting and time for the bread you have inserted.
  • The large touchscreen UI also allows you to tweak the settings to suit your personal taste.
  • Toast settings can be saved and assigned to individuals. A finger-print sensor on the side identifies the user and automatically displays their personal presets.
  • Additional presets and sandwich serving suggestions can be downloaded from the internet using the built-in WiFi connection.
  • Users can share their own presets and recipes online too.
  • Can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and upload reminders to buy more bread when you run out.
  • The screen can display useful online information such as news headlines, weather forecasts and video feeds to keep you entertained and informed in the kitchen.
  • Firmware updates are automatically downloaded and applied over the air to make sure you always have the latest features.


Well, I am very excited with the new Symbian Foundation and its future, as for today they seem to be different than the rest, something new and exciting that is getting closer each day!

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