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Stephen Elop is the Mobile Personality of the Year

Double win for Nokia! Stephen Elop has just been selected “Mobile Personality of the Year” by Know Your Mobile Awards, and Windows Phone won mobile OS of the year.

There is definitely good change going on at Nokia; they are making the headlines again like they used to do several years ago. This is not coincidence, they have been hard at work and have outed two amazing smartphones like the Nokia N9 and Lumia 800. It is also evident that Elop has been working hard planning out a strategy and has thus far, successfully executed it. Next year is going to be exciting; we will see Nokia’s strategy in the U.S.A, as well as other important markets like China and the rest of Europe. Windows Phone will be a big chunk of this strategy; and being selected as the mobile OS of the year is certainly reassuring.

It’s nice to be a Nokia blogger once again. I thank Stephen Elop for all his work to bring Nokia back to the consumer’s minds.

  • Chris Brookfield

    Really want Nokia to burst out of the flames, great to be winning awards, but not really winning the hearts of the old nokia users, come on Nokia lets see you concentrate on the operating system, we know you make good phones!!!