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Some Thoughts On The Nokia E75

nokia e75 main

The Nokia E75 passed inadvertent to me when it was announced February this year. Months passed and I did not bother to get one for review here at the Nokia Mobile Blog. I first thought of the E75 as just a transition while the touchscreen Eseries are ready; and, it probably is, but that doesn’t demerit the quality of the E75. Now I realize what I have been missing for almost 5 months.

nokia e75 qwertynokia e75 vs nokia n97

One way or another, the E75 literally appeared on my door. I have had the black Nokia E75 for one day, and I am completely astonished at the level of perfection on this device. It has that unknown factor that you can’t actually describe but makes you like it, even more than higher-ended devices. Now, I won’t make a review on this device because it is a bit late for that, but I will share some thoughts about the Nokia E75.

nokia e75 back

Part of what makes the E75 very special is the way it is built, rock-solid falls short. The E75 is a pleasure to hold in the hands, you feel you have something trusty, strong, complete, powerful in your hand. The sliding mechanism is impeccable: tic-tac and that’s it, makes me remember of the very expensive 8800 series from Nokia. Another brilliant aspect of the E75 is the case that comes with it, it has design, is not just any random pouch to protect the phone. The case is first of its kind, all leather, and has a very unique opening mechanism: the E75 is held so tight by the case that you need to pull a string to pull the device out.

nokia e75 case

The hardware part of the E75 has absolutely no discussion, it is perfect. As well as the software part of it. The E75 is fast, and think faster than what you just thought. It also packs functionality, the built-in Nokia Messaging E-Mail client is just comparable to any other E-Mail client, even desktop E-Mail clients. The E75 also has all the little details that Eseries devices have, improved Calendar, Contacts, Home Screen, Clock, Office and so on. All that combined with solid multimedia capabilities, strong battery life and impeccable design, the E75 is the epitome of the smartphone.

nokia e75 black

  • Fahrertuer

    I wonder, why I heard so many people complain about a wobbly slider after some time. The ful leather case is also nothing new
    Nothing really new, sounds just pretty much, as if Nokia paid you for this…

    • edward

      If you read the post, says that I haven’t bothered to get an E75 (meaning I haven’t tested one before). I know is nothing new (thats why I say its too late to write a review) I am impressed with this device and that is why I wrote it.

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  • joanne

    I have been using Nokia e-75 for a while now; however I find that the speed of the processor is pretty slower as compared to my old cell. Can it be upgraded to fix my issue; else I might have to dump this.