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Some Thoughts On The New Nokia E55 – Small Review I Am Totally In Love With It.


When Nokia launched the E55 some weeks ago at Barcelona it got my attention over all other announcements.  The E75  which was announced at the same time did not impress me at all,  mostly because I believe it is inconvenient to have a full slide out QWERTY keyboard instead of much more practical solutions like the E71’s keyboard and more recently the E55’s keyboard.  I also think the E75 might be too thick and big after getting used to extra-slim devices like the E71, on top the price ($529 NokiaUSA Price) is not that attractive.


But on the other side we have the E55 which in my opinion is a bright, smart and intuitive device. I find this device very close to perfection on all aspects. First the body, the materials used on the device and the design itself are top notch. The E55 is slim, very slim in fact slimmer than the E71. It is also made out of metal and the device seems compact and durable. Then the keyboard was tested for hours according to Nokia and judging by using a Blackberry Pearl with a similar keyboard, the Semi-QWERTY is as efficient as the full QWERTY.

But the most  impressive feature is that the E55 can last 1 month in standby mode, which ads a very important feature that some smartphones such as the Nseries can’t offer, that is reliability.  For example if my day goes a bit longer than usual, I will run out of battery on my N85 at the end of the day,  and having a device with battery at the given necessary moment can be decisive.


On conclusion I see a mature Nokia device with all the strong points, large battery, 3.5mm jack, extraordinary materials, good price, compact slim device and powerful over all. I see the E55 as an intuitive, reliable and very user friendly device, one simple monoblock with all the features. What do you prefer, the E75 or the E55?

Thanks to AllAboutSymbian For the Excellent Pictures

  • http://maisonchaplin.blogspot.com Carlos Silva

    In fact, that’s something i don’t understand. Why the Nseries battery don’t last 2 days sometimes, and the Eseries lasts for….1 month.. ?!?