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Some Good News From Nokia! Haiti, Patents and Ovi

Seems like it is going to be a great week for Nokia. First of all, Nokia announced they will donate $200.000usd for Haiti. That is a really nice gesture from Nokia, the people in Haiti really need help and the efforts of international agencies, companies and individuals will sure make a difference in the island that was so badly struck by an earthquake. Apart from donating to Haiti, Nokia and Nokia Siemens are working harder to reestablish the networks in Haiti. Great news! via: Nokia Users

But there is more! If you are up to date with all patent infringements cases against Apple and other companies,  you probably know that the fight for patents is to death. It all started when Nokia sued Apple for infringing 10 patents, then Apple struck back. The current situation is that Nokia asked for a ban on Apple products and so did Apple, a pretty strong fight. However, something tells me that Nokia knows what is doing. Last week, the High Court of the UK ruled in favor of Nokia vs. IPCom (Reuters). In the past, Nokia has also won different cases with giants such as Qualcomm and InterDigital. Let’s hope that both Nokia and Apple can reach an agreement instead of killing themselves.

Now what about Ovi? The Ovi Store was almost a failure. Now Nokia is read to reveal something great this Thursday. There is no clue what it is going to be, however, Ovi is a service brand and not a hardware brand. It is pretty obvious that some kind of service or update to a service will be revealed. I doubt new phones will be launched, but lets see what happens this coming Thursday. Stay Tuned!

via: Engadget