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Some Essential Nokia Lumia 900 Apps

You just got your brand new Nokia Lumia 900 from the AT&T store, now what? You fill it with apps of course! On Windows Phone, in case you didn’t know, there’s a simple rule: you don’t have enough apps until the sorting tiles show up. Like this:

Jokes aside, there are some cool apps for your Lumia 900 you don’t want to be missing. Here’s a few of them…

To install, follow the link, sign-in with the same Live ID you used in your Lumia 900, and click on “Install” under the App pic. Watch the app magically being installed in your phone.

The Nokia Suite of Apps

For some reason, the Nokia Lumia 900 does not come with the Nokia exclusive apps installed. We are talking about Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, and others. The highlight here is Nokia Drive. Nokia owns Navteq, a big mapping company, that means you get to download maps for free on your Lumia 900. You will find every country in the world, and after downloading the maps via WI-FI, you can enjoy free voice guided navigation while in offline mode. The 900 is for all practical purposes, a stand alone GPS device. Go to the Marketplace, and tap the “Nokia collection” link to find Nokia Drive.

Cocktail Flow

A beautiful app, Cocktail Flow lets you build a bar with different types of booze and mixers, and will give you the different cocktails you can make with what you have at hand. You can pin drinks to the screen, just if you keep forgetting how to make your favorite drink. Cocktail Flow




Radio Controlled

Radio Controlled is a full featured and free Pandora client for Windows Phone. It works remarkably well on the 900s fast 4G connection. The cool feature here though, is you can pin your favorite stations to the home screen. Radio Controlled

Clever Photo

Clever Photo is one of the most user friendly and good looking photo editing apps on Windows Phone. You can crop, rotate, normalize, blur, sepia, vintage, palette and do lots of other things to your photos. You can then upload to Facebook or Flickr with a single touch. Clever Photo


Flashlight X is basically an app that uses the powerful dual-led flash from the 900 as a flashlight. The 900 is one of the best phone flashlights all around, the luminosity you get out of it is ridiculous. You can get flashlight x here: Flashlight X






Wikitude is an amazing augmented reality application. Lets say you are in a big city, and are looking for a shoe shop. Opening maps is not all that helpful, but what  if you could point with your phone’s camera, and your phone told you where the shoe shop is. Wikitude is pretty amazing and free, get it here: Wikitude



Amazon Mobile

Dangerous app, I have made various of my most significant purchases using this app and it’s one-click convenience button. You can browse Amazon’s entire catalog and buy your stuff without even opening your computer. You can scan products to see whether Amazon has a better price, as well as managing your account and tracking your goods.




American Airlines

Beautiful app, it completely changed my way of traveling. You can check in with one click, pin your flight to your home screen so you are updated with the latest schedule, and finally get your boarding pass for a seamless flying experience. You can also save your parking place. Legroom, as always with American Airlines, remains frustratingly small.




Other Cool Apps:

Pulse: Very cool and good looking RSS reader.

WhatsApp: Doesn’t really need an intro.

YouTube Pro: the best WP YouTube Client

TED: some very inspiring talks

Fantasia Painter: More professional and artistic photo editing app. Amazing effects, brushes, and tools.

Rowi  (Best WP Twitter App)

SkyScanner: Best way to find air tickets

Skydrive: 25GB on the cloud, Microsoft’s gift to you.