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Software Update: Nokia E75 Gets New Firmware Update

nokia-e75The Nokia E75 has a new software update! Those are great news for Nokia E75 owners since each time a phone is updated by Nokia, it gets better and better. The new software update has lots of improvements, it has mainly email improvements (setup, sync, connection reliability and readability). The new software for the E75 also adds automatic lookup to Contacts and brings more stability to the VoIP and WI-FI functions. The overall stability of the E75 has been improved, in conclusion, this software update will make your Nokia E75 a better device. The update is currently available for the European E75, the NAM still has to wait for the NAM version to arrive.

A software update is like a new Operative System for your Nokia E75, it can add features and fix things. It is recomendable to update your E75, to do that you can just go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and then follow the on-screen prompts. You can also update your Nokia E75 with your PC by going to  www.nokia.com/softwareupdates

Via: NokNok and ZomgItsCJ