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(Updated) SMS Security Flaw Fixed in Current 8107 Windows Phone Update

There was a security flaw that was recently discovered on Windows Phone where a specific string of text sent via SMS would completely freeze a phone. There was no way to fix a phone after the SMS was received, but for a hard reset. Fortunately enough, Microsoft found the bug before any attacks were reported. But even better, the latest update for Windows Phone will fix this issue, on top of fixing other bugs like the annoying “disappearing keyboard.” Chris Walshie, the guy behind Chevron Labs, confirms the issue was fixed with a tweet. I haven’t received this update on my Lumia yet, how about you guys?

Update: The editor of the blog that first reported on this issue is tweeting that it doesn’t fix the SMS security issue. Don’t know who to believe, both seem reputable sources.

Update #2: Chris Walshie Tweeted me that he wasn’t sure and was checking with Microsoft. My bet is that the update does, in fact, not fix the issue even though Microsoft has it all figured out. Sorry guys!