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SlideIT Keyboard Is Amazing: Just Slide Your Fingers To Type!

With the recent news about Nokia investing in ”Swype,” I came to know ”SlideIT” thanks to Ray who left a comment to let everybody know that there is already something similar available for Nokia touchscreen devices like the Nokia N97, 5800, 5530, Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 Mini. And what is this new technology? It is the most useful, fun and practical way to input text on touchscreen devices.  You basically slide your finger across the keyboard and the system automatically knows what you are typing, the result is probably the fastest text input method available in portrait mode.

The Pattern Will Become The Word ''Awesome''

SlideIT is really fun to use. At first, it is a little bit awkward because is something totally unique and new. However, I can notice that after using it you really become a master at typing at great speeds. After some time, it came very natural to me and I was typing really, really fast on portrait mode on my Nokia N97: before that I had to use T9 on a touchscreen device, how crazy is that?! However, SlideIT is not that practical on landscape mode, the screen is too wide to slideit without raising your finger. Anyway, SlideIT is a great piece of free software for Nokia touchscreen devices. I am really enjoying SlideIT on my Nokia N97 because it allows me to type crazy fast! To get SlideIT you have to head here: Get SlideIT, but, you will have to wait 24 hours until the SlideIT team emails you the link to get the app.  I also strongly recommend to read the instructions: Read

  • Ray

    Thanks for this blog
    SlideIT for sure amazing!
    It has instantly increased my typing speed by 30-40%
    Favorited !

  • David

    Yes the name is DASUR SLIDEIT, you can even try it for one month then if you like it you buy it…if you don’t…..
    I tried SlideIT. It’s awesome in terms of speed and ease of use.

  • mis

    how can i download the app please advice