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Skype Video Calls On Nokia E71 Soon To Be Supported by Fring

If you have a Nokia E71 you are probably wondering why touchscreen devices get to have Fring with Skype video calls and your Nokia E71 not. Fring released some months ago, a feature that everyone would want on any device with a front facing camera: Skype Videocalls. The Skype Video Call feature was only supported by few devices though, being the E71 not one of them.

Fring is now looking for testers for the Fring update that will bring Skype Video Calls to the Nokia E71, that is right, full video calling: you can see the person and the person can see you. The new Fring version is not yet available but will surely be launched very soon. In the mean time, if you are lucky, you can try to sign up for the pre-release version of the Skype video call version of Fring: SignUp

  • arun

    let try

  • Shaktispanda

    Hi Ed,

    Is there any update on availability of this upgrade? the signup link you posted isn’t valid anymore.

  • Abbasgardezi

    where i cn download it