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Skyfire Works in The Nokia N97! | Skyfire for the Nokia N97

My favorite S60 App is Skyfire, the browser that enables me to replace my computer with my mobile phone and have full access to the web and mobile websites. When I first got the Nokia 5800, I tried to install Skyfire; and it installed but was impossible to use without hardware keys. And today that I got the Nokia N97, I can confirm that Skyfire works in the Nokia N97! I installed Skyfire right away on my N97, and I was very surprised to see it working. Unfortunately, although Skyfire is very usable in the N97, it does not work 100%. You can use the D-Pad and the QWERTY keyboard to type and navigate the websites, the browser itself works pretty well too, all the sites show correctly and Skyfire zooms at the correct size of the N97s screen; what is completely unusable are the ”Back” and ”Menu” options that are activated with the right and left softkey of 3rd Ed devices, but good news are, that you can still navigate and use Skyfire just as you would in a compatible device.

Installing Skyfire in your Nokia N97 is very easy, just go to get.skyfire.com and download the app, install even if says is not compatible. Remember that the sofkeys don’t work, so use the d-pad and press center to jump all the notices at the begining of the installation. Any problem, just leave a comment.

  • rdcinhou

    So what’s better about Skyfire over the N97’s built-in browser?

    More details than “PC-like experience” please.

    • edward

      Skyfire is the only mobile web browser that lets you have the whole web, every player, song, codec, video, it lets you see Flash 10 content, silverlight, AJAX, Java and all the plugins that are not available for the S60 browser. Its like a desktop web browser, you should really try it

  • cooper

    what about the 1 million 5800 users waiting for Skyfire?

    • edward

      I think about the same, but Skyfire says its looking forward to the S60 5th Ed, I asked them

  • Al

    Thanks for all your info and the work you are doing.
    Like you, Skyfire was my favourite app for the N96 by far, and I was initially devastated to find it was not supported on the N97. Again, like you, I installed the S60 v3 version anyway, ignored the ‘not compatible’ notice and found it worked – well at least nearly worked. Since the menu key is out of use my only problem is getting from one web page to another! At least I can view sites as they were meant to be viewed – including all types of videos etc.

    • edward

      Yeah, its nice that it partially works. I think they are working on the new version


    can someone please tell me or give me the cheapest link to buy the NOKIA N97 on Pay As You Go. I found out on internet that three.co.uk selling at £319 however according to three itself they don’t have any clue to such a deal. Instead they informed me that its £369 on pay as you go but locked to three.

    • Ms

      around £180 on ebay

  • http://www.uk-experience.com Robert McKenzie

    I have done as others with this on my N97, however when I run it I’m stuck at the license… I can’t accept or even cancel out of it. Nothing works. I have to just kill the app running.

    Any ideas?

    • edward

      Press the center button from the dpad

  • pspbricker

    Anybody get Justin TV working with this on the N97? Page loads up, but vid screen remains black – if I middle click, a poker pop up starts and of course, you can’t navigate back. Help?

  • Alex Smith

    Use skyfire fully:

    to access the left and right keys, just install VirtualKeys and reprogram the green and red send and hangup keys to be the left and right buttond snf Voila!

    Believe it or not, you wont miss the keys and even better, they tend to act as they should on phone conversations, since Virtual keys seems not to affect at those chores.

    Good luck.

    • edward

      Good tip Alex! Thanks

  • wwxaxa

    nokia rocks!

  • Abdulaziz

    its cooooooooooool thanks

  • http://roxblog-trends.blogspot.com/ roxblogger

    It really doesn’t work very fine! Have you any other solution?

    • edward

      Not really, the app is not made to work on the N97 so this is already too much. We will have to wait for a touch Skyfire!

  • Saurabh

    wat abt clearing cache n all dat setting stuff?
    When is the skyfire for series60 v5 expected to come?

  • ninotschka

    My problem is that it does not connect, keeps saying ‘acquiring data connection’ and then ‘connecting’ and just flashes between the two. I should really untick the option in the menu to not remember the last connection but without a working menu button, how can i get in there?

  • a- jalil

    i want skyfire for yhe nokia n97 thank you

  • primus

    umm..how do i close the app?

    • edward

      Long press menu button, long press skyfire icon: exit

  • BANG

    please tell how can i by skyfire for n97 ,and how much i pay

  • Rich C

    I’ve got it working, but the only use I really have for a partially-functioning browser is for streaming internet radio, which my other browsers won’t do. It works for about 5-10 minutes before the browser crashes, which doesn’t really make it practical solution.

    Anyone else have a solution or recommendations for this? Any word on when Skyfire S60v5 will release?

  • Ben

    I’ve n97 mini, but it stopped at license agreement…how to go on?

  • Rich C

    I can’t remember how I got it installed. I remember getting stuck at the license agreement too, but I think I just kept pressing buttons until something worked and the agreement was accepted.

    I don’t know how much use it will be to you. Like I said, streaming audio seems to be its only real advantage over the built-in browser or something like Opera. It’s otherwise just too clunky with the N97 to use otherwise.

    • edward

      Press the center key

  • Name*

    helal sana

  • zayd

    can you teach me how to download the skyfire on n97 coz it does not work

  • fahad

    Hi dude ,,,, I installed Skyfire in my N97 but its not working infact it tries to connect but suddenly it says that ” Skyfire requires a data connection please check your configuration ”  what its mean dude? i’m so tensed. by the way i’m using a WIFI net connection and i have no balance in my sim card , is it charges to use it ? or is it works on WIFI net ? please tell me.. thanx.

  • Nidz

    installed skyfire on my N97 but asking for DATA CONNECTION FOR HOURS, im using a WIFI. can anyone help me please. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Skyfire has discontinued it’s Symbian web browser, partly due to inefficiencies found in he core OS. You can’t use it anymore because they have switched off their servers…