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Skyfire On The Nokia 5800 – It Works!

Update:Skyfire for the Nokia 5800 and all S60 5th Ed Touchscreen Devices was released officially: Skyfire 5800

Here at the Nokia Mobile Blog we are big fans of Skyfire, it is probably the best and most useful application out there for Symbian Devices. If you did not know, Skyfire is a web browser that can load any web site with videos, music and everything just by installing a free app that you can get by going to ”get.skyfire.com” on your phone’s browser.

But the news here, are that Skyfire does work on the Nokia 5800, what the headline did not say is that you will need a bluetooth keyboard for it to work.  The problem is that apparently Skyfire does not support at all the touch screen of the 5800, so without the keys of a Bluetooth keyboard you won’t be able to use Skyfire at all. To explain this better, I did a short video testing the Skyfire browser on the 5800.
What I can say, is that Skyfire works very well on the 5800, only problem is the touch input that does not work at all. It would be very nice if Skyfire starts working on the touch version of Skyfire, there are millions of 5800’s out there, the touch screen Nokia 5530 is just around the corner, and the N97 is going to be a hit, so why not?

  • samim

    need skyfire touch for nokia 5800 help me

    • edward

      Hi Samim, unfortunately you need a bluetooth keyboard for it to work, but hang on, a touch version might be coming

  • samim

    hi need skyfire touch on my 5800 how day i wait skyfire touch version tell me

    • edward

      Sure, just stay tuned and we will inform you!

  • shamim form bangladesh

    recently skyfire new virshion 1.0 out but not runing my 5800 so how to use this ,

    • edward

      Sorry, not compatible with 5800!

  • samim

    hi any one say next upgrade skyfire can run my 5800 ?

  • http://multigroup-logistics.co.id zu

    you need virtual keyboard to works on nokia 5800 XM

    • edward

      Where did you find a signed version?

  • David

    I love how skyfire looks but… What is the sense of having a “mobile” browser if you have to carry a keyboard. I do hope they get this fixed soon..
    Loving my 5800…

  • shamim

    hello need skyfire browser touch vershion on nokia 5800

    • edward

      Sorry Shamim, only works if you have a keyboard. It also works partially on the N97

  • Brian

    I tried to install it but I doesn’t work I know that it works on N95 but not 5800, is there another app that works as skyfire?

  • heartz

    is skyfire going to be on the nokia 5530 and samsung jet any time soon plz?

  • Brian

    Hi guys, since skyfire is not available for 5800 yet I’m wondering if anyone tried Opera mini?

  • salamkath

    i was installed it it works but at the license accepting it cant accept it :(

  • kjl

    i sure do hope that they make a touch version of skyfire. touch phonesare starting to be the backbone of mobile phones nowadays. anyway, anyone knows any alternative for skyfire?

  • Samuel

    Would someone notify me when skyfire is available for nokia 5800 thanks

  • Zulfan

    You can use digia@web or opera mini as alternative browser on your symbian 5th phone. I used opera mini 4.1, then opera mini 5, and now using opera mobile.
    Let’s wait the touch screen enable skyfire and hopely Edward will tell us about it. Right, Ed? :-D

    • edward

      Skyfire for 5th Ed IS in the works!

  • Marc

    @Zulfan, Digia or Opera can’t play many flash stream videos like Justin.TV or freedocast.
    I’m waiting for Skyfire for 5th edition.

    • edward

      iTS COMING ;)

  • kjl

    really?! that’s great news!

  • 5800XMuser

    Try Bolt Browser..it can hold such stream when entering full site like facebook or myspace.

  • samim

    i am hearing skyfire 5th symbian 1.5 is out but certificat error help me or releage symbian sign version

  • jilson
  • http://www.123hackz.blogspot.com dani

    visit get.skyfire.com for skyfire 5 which supports 5800

  • yadz

    skyfire works perfectly on my nokia 5800 but i hate it when they are not worldwidely operating coz it is not available in my location now!

  • Junaid Shahid

    i have installed skyfire on my nokia 5800
    but skyfire cant connect with wifi

    the signal are maximum power

    please help