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Skyfire For 5800, N97, 5th Ed Touch Now Ready For Download!

Skyfire is now available for Symbian S60 5th Ed handsets! Finally, the much awaited web browser for S60 3rd Ed is available for touchscreen devices like the Nokia 5800, N97, 5530, X6 and more. After several weeks of private beta testing, Skyfire 1.5 is now officially live, ready to be downloaded and used by people all over the world. The new Skyfire 1.5 brings support for touchscreen devices, has improved scrolling, zooming and speed. If you have been waiting for Skyfire for your Nokia 5800 or N97 for the last couple of weeks when the buzz started, you can now download it pointing your device to: get.skyfire.com

So what is Skyfire? Skyfire is the only mobile web browser capable of loading and playing all the latest web technologies like Flash, Ajax, Silverlight, in your mobile phone. It is the web browser that really detaches you from your PC, well, at some degree, Skyfire needs some improvements before that, however, is a nice browser to have.

I tried Skyfire on my N97 and so far I don’t like it as much. The best thing about it is that scrolling is impeccable, you scroll with your finger and there is absolutely no lag at all. The problem is that is taking long to load some websites, and videos are not playing smoothly. I tried playing Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Night Show directly from CBS and the video just didn’t flow well. I also find that inputting text is a bit tedious, is like you write but the text is not directly inserted and you have to wait. Well, Skyfire for Nokia touchscreen devices is headed in the right direction, lets hope that future versions improve video playback, text and speed issues.

  • Roslan

    i’ll try on my n5800 browsing on youtube..video play well but the sound is not heard..its on mute..how come? how to solve this?

  • gyapot

    I tried it, but it seems very slow and some videosharing site does not work well. I have tried the previous version on e71, that was two times faster. I hope these beta symptons will disappear soon.

  • Ali

    hmmm… good for 5800… anyone tell me video streaming result??

  • kien

    i need skyfire for my nokia 5800

  • ciastek

    goood :D

  • http://yahoo.com adir

    since i am right now in the middle east i cant download it from ovi coz its banned here can somebody post it on my email please

  • Vivek

    I Need Sky Fire For My Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and For Nokia E90

  • mohd waliuddin

    i can’t download skyfire in my nokia n97 mobile so plz tell me how to download this software i serch in ovi store but there is not availale.

  • ichan

    please help me…. i need skyfire for my nokia 5800.. thanks…

  • sameer

    sky fire download free

  • emre


  • jaish


  • niwas

    skyfire is not working o my nokia 5800 from june 1
    please somene help me to use once again on my set

  • Jbkhaney

    Hey Guys, i cannot find where to download Skyfire fr my Nokia E72. Anybody to help me.