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Skyfire 5800, N97 and 5th Ed Touch Devices Support is Coming Soon

Skyfire is coming for Nokia S60 5th Ed touchscreen devices like the Nokia 5800, N97, X6 and 5530! Today I went to the official Skyfire site to download Skyfire and I noticed a new thing on their site, it says ”S60 5th Ed Support Coming In January.” That means that Skyfire for the Nokia 5800, 5530, N97, X6 and N97 Mini will be available next year January!

Those are really cool news since all Nokia fans upgrading their phones to touchscreen devices have been missing the awesome web browser. If you don’t know what Skyfire is, you are missing a lot! Skyfire is a free web browser that really brings desktop computing to your device. If you ever wanted to see a video or other media content on your phone but you couldn’t, Skyfire will let you watch it! Skyfire handles all the technologies required to do everything on the web that phones still don’t have, for example: Latest version of Flash, Silverlight, Java, AJAX and more… You can go ahead to the Skyfire website and check for yourself that Skyfire is coming in January for the Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5530 and N97 Mini