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Rumor: Nokia X7 Will Come to the US Exclusively With AT&T

The first time I heard it I wasn’t too sure about it, but now it’s coming from two different sources, so this has to be true. A tweet from the Editor-In-Chief of MobileBulgaria states that the Nokia X7 “seems” to be an exclusive of AT&T in the United States. In my opinion, this is a strong rumor coming from two sources that have predicted a number of Nokia-related events ahead of time.

If true, these would be excellent news for Nokia here in the US – where they have absolutely zero presence. It will be a tough fight though, the market is already plagued with Droids, iPhone, and now Windows Phone 7 devices; each with a ridiculously strong marketing campaign that we have never seen coming from Nokia. The X7 could do well here, it could also mean that big-company apps would arrive to the Ovi Store together with this US release. More news to come!