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Quick Update: White & Black N97s Shipping Now From NokiaUSA | Thoughts

Last two days was crazy, the hype for the Nokia N97 exploded and everyone wanted their N97 right away. And as Nokia had promised that NokiaUSA would ship the N97s sooner than anyone else, rumours started to run all over the internet. Some people who pre-ordered the N97 with NokiaUSA were very angry with Nokia, all people (including me who pre-ordered a N97 from NokiaUSA) thought they were going to receive it after the N97s from Amazon, early July as some sales reps told customers who called to check the order status.

Still many people think that Nokia messed up the N97 launching in the USA, but we don’t see it that way. First, we all have  to remember that NokiaUSA was always the last in the world to ship a device. Every device that was launched in Europe, was not seen in North America for the next two or three months until the NAM model was ready. I even thought that when Nokia announced that the N97 would be available June, it would take until September for North America to receive the NAM N97. But we have to realise that this launching was different, the U.S.A was among the first countries to receive the Nokia N97. That is amazing having in acount that the NAM model always took several months to arrive.

However, I recognize that there were some small problems with the launching. For example, the black version shipped yesterday, making people who pre-order the white version enrage. The logical thing is to ship both colors at the same time, but luckly, today the white N97  is shipping. So what is the current status of the situation? NokiaUSA is shipping both N97s before anyone else, sure there was some small problems with the launching and they took 1 or 2 days more to ship than expected, but is not to make a big deal out of it.

  • chris

    so has there been anyone with confirmation and a tracking number to prove this.

    • edward

      Yes, my N97 black shipped today, obviously I am not giving my tracking number

  • Phill

    For me, it is still a big deal !!

    I havent received a shipping confirmation yet while the phone is selling for 3 days now (i ordered the White) !!

  • Mark

    I received my tracking info. I should get it tomorrow. I ordered 10pm on 05/07/09 and ordered the black one.

    • edward

      Congrats Mark!!!

  • http://na Terry

    I recieved my tracking number this afternoon. I ordered a black one as well.

    • edward

      Congrats Terry! Let us know what you think about the N97

  • Jay

    I ordered mine in white. Nokia told everyone the by pre-ordering the phone it would ship the same day it became available in your countries stores. Well i ordered the white one which is now available here in the NYC store and still waiting on an update, shipping date, anything… very disappointed with Nokia’s way of handling business.

    • edward

      I called today and they told me the white was shipping today.

  • jon

    i am in the same boat as everyone here who pre ordered the white version. everytime i do call, i get different answers so i just stop calling because it frustrates me.

    • edward

      The white should ship today, I was told by two sales reps and the Service Sales Manager ;)

  • jon

    i’ll let everyone know when i receive that magical email.

    • edward

      Yes please! Did you ordered the white one or the black one?

  • jon

    i ordered the white version so it should ship today, hopefully. this anticipation is killing me!

    • edward

      Do let us know when they ship it to you, and your thoughts of course when it arrives!

  • Ali

    The phone is nice, but I cant find the transition effect I saw on the Demo videos !!! the one that makes the screen swivel while changing the orientation !!!! May be Nokia removed it ?!!! Any Ideas !!!

  • Ali G

    Has anybody received his White N97 or at least got shipment confirmation ?

    • edward

      Me, I got today the tracking number, even though they told me yesterday it shipped yesterday and I was expecting it today, now its for sure, I am tracking it with FedEx and I will get it tomorrow

  • Ahmed

    For me, I ordered the White ! Called Bright Point today at 4 PM and they said the order in under processing (They said it entered the Processing state since 11:00 AM), The lady said you should expect a confirmation email within 6 to 8 hours !!!! it was already 4:00 PM and I don’t know if the shipping departming really will kepp working till 12 Midnight !!!! I can’t understand !!! till now the Nokia tracking system shows blank status and my CC shows that the amount which was on hold was released again !!!!I called bright point again at 8:00 PM and the were closed !!! I dont understand how they will ship during the night !!!!

    • edward

      Well, if it helps, I received the email and am tracking via FedEx, but the order status at the NokiaUSA site hasn’t changed, still says backordered or whatever.