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Protect Your Nokia Mobile Phone From Scratches and Dents!

I always worry a lot about my Nokia mobile phones, I take care of them like babies and I hardly ever drop one to the floor. I even have soome rules for myself, ”Don’t put your Nok on your pocket together with coins” is one rule, another one is ”Don’t use your Nok with dirty hands”, I know the latter one seems a little bit extreme, but as I said before, I *really* take care of my Nokia toys ;). But even being this careful, my devices still get little scratches and hairlines that totally freak me out, for example, my N85 is full of little hairlines on the front part, and my 5800 has some little scratches on the screen, in part, due to the stylus. 

Anyway, after just blaming myself for not being careful enough with my phones, I just discovered that is impossible for a device that is in use the whole day, to be in perfect condition! So I tried first some silicone cases and then hard crystal cases, but they were not efficient at all. The silicone case is a dust magnet, besides, little particles get caught between the silicone and the phone and it still gets scratches. The hard crystal case is just too bulky and heavy, and it does not work well on sliders like the N85.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Full Body)

So what did I do? I just searched the web and found probably the best accessory for Nokia mobile phones, it is called invisible shield and it is just great! Invisible shield is a thin, virtually indestructible, invisible film that protects the whole Nokia phone, it has lots af advantages. First: you really can’t notice it is there, but it is still protecting your phone, it does not add weight, nor bulkiness. It is virtually indestructible and completely scratch proofs any Nokia device, believe me. The invisible shield is just great, from now on, before even thinking of getting my $400 dollar phone out of the box, I will have the invisible shield ready. You can check out the invisible shield for your Nokia phone here: Buy the invisibleSHIELD (Just search for your model top right corner, there is an Invisible Shield for every Nokia phone), and you can use the code: memday09 to get 50% off any invisible shield, expires May 27.