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Protect Your Nokia Mobile From Scratches and Dents

Invisible Shield is an Invisible Indestructible Film that covers the whole device and protects it from scratches, unlike cases and silicone cases that make your device thicker and bulkier, Invisible Shield protects while giving the sensation it is not there. There is an Invisible Shield for ALL Nokia Devices.  You can check them out here: InvisibleSHIELD

A thing all Nseries devices have in common is the high price you have to pay to get one, and everybody agrees with me that after you paid an arm and a leg for a smartphone you don’t want anything to happen to it.  For example when I got the N85 I was very worried on how should I take care of it so it does not scratch, not even a little bit.   Well, unfortunately 24 hours after I unboxed it, it got a hairline on the upper part of the screen, I wanted to kick myself for doing that so I started to search for a solution. I found Invisible Shield!  InvisibleShield protects all the body of the Nokia device with an invisible and ”virtually indestructible” film so it does not get scratched anywhere.  I just loved the idea because that way I dont have to use thick cases or silicone cases which DO scratch the device because small particles get between the case and the device and that always ends up in a bad scratch somewhere on the device. On the other hand the invisible shield is there protecting your device and you cant even notice it is there!! The invisibleshield does not harm the beauty of the phone or adds thickness and weight to it as cases do, BRILLIANT!   I am a big fan of Invisible Shield so we have partnered with them to get you discounts and special offers, they have an invisible shield for all Nokia phones. You can use many discounts and we will update this post frequently so you can use discounts, keep checking daily or every two days for new discounts.


You can the get the DISCOUNTED InvisibleShields by following the promotion below.  When the new window opens search for your device at the upper right corner of the site.

Discounted InvisibleSHIELD for Nokia Devices