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PR 1.2 for the Nokia N9 is not on Navifirm

If you are about to “update” to what everyone believes is PR 1.2 for the Nokia N9 on Navifirm, hold your horses! It is not PR 1.2, it’s PR 1.1 for the Middle East and Africa. @aboodesta gave me some insightful information as I was trying to update my Cyan Nokia N9 to what I thought was PR 1.2. He says he called Nokia Dubai and they told him that PR 1.1 would come out for MEA December 7th; if you take a close look, what we thought was PR 1.2 firmwares all have MEA codes in them, meaning “Middle East and Africa.” It is also evident that PR 1.2 will be numbered 3x.xxx.xxx and not 2x.xxx.xxx, take a look at the picture below.

If this was in fact PR 1.2, we would not have MEA coes in every firmware since that region is usually not the first one to get updates.