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Playlist DJ Now Available For S60 3rd Ed Devices! Automatic Playlists!

Remember the awesome app for touchscreen Nokia devices called Playlist DJ? Well, now it is available for Symbian S60 3rd Ed devices like the: E72, N86, and E75. This app initially came as part of the Comes With Music offering from Nokia but then it was made available for everyone to download at the Ovi Store, however, only touchscreen devices were compatible.

So what is playlist DJ? It is one of the coolest free Nokia apps out there really. It almost works as if it was magic. What playlist DJ does is categorize your songs by ”moods” and ”types” and then with four bars you can adjust the levels of  ”love, anger, tempo or happiness” and Playlist DJ will bring up the songs that match your mood. But not only that, Playlist DJ is really useful to make a quick playlist of just one type of music. Let’s say you need really quick romantic music, instead of creating a new playlist and adding songs manually, Playlist DJ does it for you! Playlist DJ is really accurate, it really tags the songs and categorizes them correctly even if they don’t have a title because unknown songs are uploaded and categorized automatically. Yu can get Playlist DJ in your S60 3rd Ed device by just searching for it in the Ovi Store.

What devices are supported? S60 3rd Ed devices like the: E5, N85, N79, E71, N95 etc..

  • ahmed abada

    i wish download all free software for nokia e72

  • Keyur Mandani

    dude,which are d best softwr for nokia e5???