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Playlist DJ For N97, 5530 and 5800 | iTunes Genius For Nokia!

Remember that cool app that Nokia showed last month with the Nokia X6 when it was first released? Well, Playlist DJ is now available for the Nokia N97, 5800 and 5530! I thought that this app would be X6 exclusive so it would be a strong sell point, but Nokia decided to distribute this amazing application for all their touchscreen devices. And the best part, its free!


Playlist DJ is more or less like the iTunes Genius app, only its better and we don’t say it because we are Nokia fans. The Playlist DJ app for Nokia devices is really amazing. Basically you have four level bars to tweak so Playlist DJ finds the appropiate music for the occasion, you can move the bars (Joy, Passion, Anger and Tempo) differently to get appropiate results. You can also select a song and Playlist DJ will make a playlist with similar songs. Its very useful for a variated collection where the switche from classical to techno and then hard metal could be fatal.

We gave it a try on our N97 and we were really impressed by it, we thought this would be another app that worked halfway, mainly because we thought the app would not be able to classify each and every song in our unusual collection. But for our surprise, it did! The way it works is brilliant, first it recognizes the songs by name, if it can’t recognize them, it uploads them (be careful with data, WI-FI recommended) to a server and then classifies them.

Playlist DJ is a must have app for your N97, 5800 or 5530. To get it for free go here: Ovi Store

  • Jorge

    When released the app wasn’t free, it costed 5euro, and I pay for it, not fair! also I have to hard reset my phone once (because of maintenance from my behalf) and I couldn’t reinstall all my bought apps from OVI, there is no way to redownload apps from ovi.

    • edward

      Didn’t Nokia change that?

  • binley_dream