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Pictures Taken With the Nokia N86 | Nokia N86 Camera Samples

The Nokia N86 recently started shipping to all the world, but the United States. So if you are in Europe, you can get a N86 throuugh the normal channels. But those who are thinking of buying the N86 must be also wondering if it takes good pictures, afterall it is a pure imaging device.

Nokia’s first 8MP ¬†Cameraphone has lots of cool improvements over his brother, the Nokia N85. If looking carefully, the Nokia N86 is practically a N85 with slightly better features: the 8 Megapixel camera and the kickstand, as well as the metal and glass body. But of course there is a bif difference between an 8 MP camera and a 5MP camera; the Nokia N86 is a pure imaging device, with variable aperture, carl-zeiss lenss, dual-led flash and autofocus, the Nokia N86 could replace a camera. To show you how the N86 takes pictures and records video, the Nokia Conversations team went to Helsinki to take some pictures and video for everyone to see how the N86 performs, here are them!

So what do you think? We think that the N86 does take some good pictures, the 8MP and variable aperture definitively help, but when on travel, would you rely on the N86 or your point and shoot camera?