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Photoshop For Nokia N97 and 5800! Well, Kind Of


Ok, maybe I overeacted just a little bit,  it is not Photoshop for the N97 or 5800 because it is completelly impossible for that to happen. But it is very similar to it, in fact the first time I used this software on my 5800 I just could not stop thinking of Photoshop for Nokia devices, and although a special lite version of photoshop for Nokia devices would be really useful and cool, it will probably never exist. But anyway, this app is a very good alternative, it is called Paint Pad and is available as a free download for the Nokia N97 and 5800. With this app you can basically edit your pictures too make them look cooler, or you can start a blank document and begin something new.  

I have tried many art applications on WM devices but by far, this app for the 5800 and N97 is the best. I am completely amazed by the quantity of tools available as well as colors available, you can do lines, squares, circles etc.. but you also have more advanced tools like text, zoom, pencil with custom thickness  and other options that will let you create some pretty good designs right on your Nokia N97 or 5800.  You can download paint for the Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusic by following the link below, you can either click the link directly with your Nokia device or you can download to PC and install with Nokia PC Suite.  Download Here: paint-pad

  • ryu

    try XpressSketch

    • Wto_5800

      i  couldnt download it..help me please

  • Mohammed Afsal.v

    My name is Afsal.if Any one can get the Photoshop for Nokia5800 Please Sent it to my E-mail “Afsalashyana@gmail.com” Thanks…

  • DGeneration

    Paint pad isnt Photoshop, stop making fake posts -.-

  • Punit_porwal

    if Any one can get the Photoshop for Nokia5800 Please Sent it to my E-mail

    mail me : punit_porwal@yahoo.com