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Ovi Store: My Top 10 Favorite Apps For The N97/5800

Lately I have been enjoying the Ovi Store; opposed to my first impression, the Ovi Store does add value to more importantly fun to any Nokia handset. But the star of Ovi Store are definitively the touchscreen devices like the N97 and Nokia 5800, the fun and interesting apps are developed for this devices rather than non-touch devices like lets say the N86.

ovi store

As I have been downloading a lot of curious apps and games from the Ovi Store to my Nokia N97, I decided I would share them here at the blog. So here goes my ten favorite apps from the Ovi Store:

10. Discover Music With Shazam!

shazam logoShazam is a great application, it listens to a song and then tells you everything about it: name, artists name, you can even buy it if Nokia Music Store is live in yoour country. The bad thing about Shazam is that will probably cost a few bucks on the future. On the meanwhile you can download it here for free: Shazam – Ovi Store

09. Discover Your Way With ”Compass”

compass-96x96_This app is N97 only, sorry 5800! The N97 has a built-in compass, it is a bit unacurate, however moving the phone waving the phone like an ”8” helps. The compass app does exactly what its name says, it shows you the north! You can get it here: Compass – Ovi Store

08. Level With ”Level”

level-96x96_This app was the most amazing thing a person could see back in the N95 era, you showed off this, and everybody would just pass out because of its amazing-ness. It is still pretty amazing, but useful too. The Level app is just an app that converts your N97 into a level tool. Level – Ovi Store

07. Confused By Sushi Names? Sushis can Help You!

icon-sushis1This is one of those little apps that is just interesting and good to have. The app’s objective is very simple, show you how that Sushi you are about to order looks like. Exttremely useful if you are in a restaurant, or just to sit down and see the different Sushis. Sushis – Ovi Store

06. Know Your Speed With ”Speedometer”

speedtracker-96x96_Another cool app with nice looking graphics and user interface. This app uses the GPS in the N97 or 5800 and shows you the speed in big numbers. Is really cool to see it working  on trains for example and compare its speeds, or planes; even though I haven’t tried it on a plane yet.  Speedometer -Ovi Store

05. Decide Complex Stuff Easily With ”Coin Toss”

Icon-cointoss1This app is more usseful than one would think, it is just a coin marked ”heads” and ”tails” on the other side. When you move or flip the coin with your finger the coin flies in the screen of your N97 or 5800 and then lands deciding the luck. Works great starting matches, or just playing a variety of games that can be played with a coin. Coin Toss – Ovi Store

04. Labyrinth Lite is Adicting!

icon-labylite-96x96_This is a classic game that Nokia phones  needed long ago. It is a maze that has to be solved by tilting the phone and guiding the little ball to its objective on the other end. There is three different mazes with different obstacles to play in.  Labyrinth Lite – Ovi Store

03. Test Your Speed With Speedtouch

speedtouch_logo-96x96_This is the first game I downloaded in my N97, and is ridiculously cool and entertained. You have to touch the bubbles when they light, the speed increases with points until you loose. Is really fun to play!  Speedtouch – Ovi Store

02. Great Game To Play With Friends ”Tic Tac Toe”

icon-tictactoe-96x96_Tic Tac Toe is a game everybody knows how to play, and with Tic Tac Toe for the N97 and 5800 you can play by yourself or with someone. This specific Tic Tac Toe works a bit different but still is great. Works great as an icebreaker! TicTacToe – Ovi Store

01. 2 Nokia Apps

handwriting_calculator-96x96_I havent written this list in order of less interesting to most interesting, but #1 is always #1. And as its hard to decide, I am going for 2 apps provided by Nokia.

-Nokia Photo Browser: Really amazing and mindblowing photo browser with stunning 3D effects: PhotoBrowser

– Handwriting Calc: An amazingly accurate calc that recognizes your handwriting and positions operations in the correct order. Also supports more complex operations like Sin Cos Tan and Pi:  HW Calc