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Ovi Store: How Would I (And You) Change The Ovi Store?

Today the Ovi Store was launched supporting over 50 million devices and 50 different Nokia models, the Ovi Store which was announced back in February was finally ready to download and install on almost any Nokia mobile phone. The Ovi Store had great competitors to fight with, the obvious one, Apple’s AppStore and then others like Blackberry’s AppWorld and Android’s AppMarket, but is the Ovi Store good enough? Here is my experience with it, what I think and how would I change the Ovi Store:


I downloaded the Ovi Store from the Download! app on my Nokia 5800, the Ovi Store installed perfectly. But here goes my first suggestion, why not clear everything on the old Download! and let only the Ovi Store be there so people that are not aware of the Ovi Store’s existence,  install it on their first visit to Download!? Not every user checks Nokia news on the web, but the Download! is already on their phones, so eventually they will install it. And why not replace the old Download! with the Ovi Store? Is double functionality.

Anyway, as I was saying, the Store installed perfectly. I opened it and got to the Store immediately, I checked the front page and there is NOTHING that caught my attention, it looks confusing and without the ”cool, innovative, interesting” factor I was expecting. I scroll and see nothing interesting, a bunch of apps I am not interested in. I anyway Install Reuters Motoring just to try the installation process, it takes me to page of the app. The page of the apps does look good, it has just what I want, a description and some reviews together with the rating, no suggestions here. I click install…… and then I have to go to the signin process. *Suggestion: The registration/log in process should take place as soon as I open the Ovi Store for the first time, it is logical.

The installation of the Reuters app goes very well, the app downloads fast and installs fast, even better, there is a ”Launch” button so I dont have to look for the app to start elsewhere. After installing that app I returned to the front page of the Ovi Store.

As nothing in there looks interesting, I go to the ”Applications” tab. There too, nothing looks interesting! The apps are mixed, different categories everywhere, not any logical path to get me to the kind of apps I was looking for, ”themes” in this case, and no evident search function on sight. Then I discovered there was a ”Personalization” tab, which of course is not visible unless you browse  the tabs. 

My conclusion and impression on the Ovi Store is that it needs to be more attractive, more user friendly and comfortable to use, logical too… Here is what I was expecting of the Ovi Store:




There should be a home/start page that has all the categories and a global search box on top (not category search link like on the current Ovi Store). This categories take the user to the subcategory and then finally to the apps in that subcategory, I really don’t want to browse all the apps on a category, I don’t have time and patience, I want to go straight to the point, to what I am interested in: Home>Personalisation>Themes BAM! Got it. I don’t need random apps on the home, if I am just browsing because I don’t know what to install, then the Most Rated cat is for that, not the home! For example, I would like to be able to choose from the home a category, ex: personalisation> then a subcategory >themes and see all the themes, I don’t want to go to ”Personalisation” category and have to see the wallpapers and ringtones like on the current Ovi Store!  Then, I would like to be able to search the whole Ovi Store, not a category, that is why there should be a global search box in the home, so I can search easily ALL the content, not just one cat.

The categories of the ”home” I am talking about, could be the current ones used on the Ovi Store. For example, the  ”Applications” category on the home page, takes to all subcategories in that category, for example one of those could be ”Navigation” that then takes me to all the navigation apps like Googe Maps, Route66, Nokia Maps etc… which I am interested in, I dont want to see all other apps I dont care about like on the current Store where I have to go through all the apps in the category.

Then there could also be a Most Viewed, Best Rated, Most Reviewed, Most Commented and Featured categories on the home screen that take directly to the apps inside that category for those just browsing and don’t know what to install.

Also the top navigation bar is not effective, I don’t want to have to click to the right/left to see what categories and how many are there, I want to see them all and be able to click it and access that category that I am interested in with just one click, thats why a home with all the cats would be better.

I still think that the Ovi Store is not good enough, and I  think that it got such a negative response not because the downtime of the servers, but because people opened the Ovi Store and felt bored and confused just as I did. Opening the Store should be easy and guide the user to exactly what he is looking for in a logical way by making a home with categories, not random apps that the user does not really want! I really don’t like the Ovi Store at the moment, what do you think about it?

  • Richard

    Err.. some of the things you say are true, I rather have categories than just any entry on the homescreen, I also would like to see the ”global search” box. But I think the ovi is fine, could be worse.

  • J

    There are sub categories in Ovi Store. For example just click Applications tab. Then you can see a down arrow in the tab. Pressing the arrow brings up the categories. It exist but it is hidden well :)

    • edward

      Hi J, thanks for the tip, I am using a Nokia 5800 latest firmware and I cant see that down arrow you are talking about. Where do I have to press in the tab? I pressed everywhere by the way…

  • http://intternet.blogspot.com/ Sami Korhonen

    Don’t you think requiring users to log in, before being able to browse the store would be bad for the user experience? You might want to view for best practices and user studies on that one. Otherwise, good comments! :)

    • edward

      Thanks Sami! Well, that one is really tricky, but I still prefer to log in before doing anything, that way when I am excited about downloading an app, I don’t have to go through the registration process.


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