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Ovi Store Could Launch Tomorrow Monday 18th

The Ovi Store is probably the most important releasing in the year coming from Nokia, maybe even more important than the N97 releasing since the Ovi Store will change the way users use their phone. The Ovi Store is a portal for Nokia S60 and S40 Nokia phones, the Ovi Store enables user to get content directly on their phones without the need of a PC. If you are familiar with the Android AppMarket, Apple’s AppStore or Blackberry’s AppWorld, you will find Ovi Store, which by the way has the only original name of the bunch, to be really similar in terms of functionality to the previously mentioned services. ┬áThe Ovi ┬áStore will launch with a total compatibility of 50 million devices, and will sport 20.000 applications.

But the important matter here is that the so far unknown date for the Ovi Store launching could be as soon as tomorrow, May the 18th, according to OviStoreNews. Here is the notification they published using Twitter: