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Ovi Site Redesigned | Experience Ovi – Nokia’s Internet Services

When Ovi was announced some months ago,  it was not very clear what Ovi was going to be about. In Nokia’s words, Ovi which means ”door” in Finish, is a door to Nokia’s internet services. But at that time there weren’t many internet services by Nokia, so Ovi was not paid much attention. Now everything changed, Nokia has been adding services to Ovi, and by today Ovi is exactly that thing that at first looked blurry, a portal for internet services by Nokia. 

Today the Ovi home page was redesigned, it now looks much better and new services that were available, were added to site, by now, eight of them which are all present in a very good looking bar at the top of your Ovi portal.


I got a nice surprise when I opened my old Ovi account and had a look at the whole services together in a very cool and redesigned site, I had completely forgotten about Ovi’s existance. But now Ovi seems like a really nice and rich featured service. I can open my Ovi portal and have all this useful services that are not only present on my computer, but blend with my smartphone too. Here is a brief explanation of each icon of Ovi:

contactsContacts: The first icon, it lets you have your contacts on both your smartphone and PC. You can then sync between the two devices and have always your contacts updated or easily transfered to a new phone.

shareShare On Ovi: The second icon, it is like Nokia’s Flickr, you can have there your pictures, the cool thing is you can upload them from your smartphone. 

calendarCalendar: The calendar is the third icon, of course it lets you have your important events on both your PC and Nokia phone

storeOvi Store: The  blue bag icon, by far my favorite. This service lets you install apps on your Nokia phone


messagingNokia Messaging: With Nokia Messaging you can have your own @ovi.com account, you can also have it on your phone of course

mapsMaps: Nokia Maps is exactly like Google Maps, it lets you search and find places, it has also cool 3D models of important places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

musicMusic: The Nokia music store lets you buy songs from Nokia’s store, unfortunately, it is only available in some countries.

gamesGames: Games is basically N-Gage, this service is only available in with N-Gage compatible phones. 


The Conclusion

I really like the Ovi Store, I think I now will use it daily and have my Ovi portal open to have quick access to my contacts, messages, apps, maps and of course calendar. I think Ovi is a great service, however, it still needs to be perfectioned. For example, while navigating the service, the Ovi Bar changes to the old one:



which why the way reminds me, what happened with Files on Ovi on the new bar? Also, would like to see everything even more integrated. For example would like to have everything inside one place, and not the icon on the bar to just open another site from Nokia, ex: Ovi Maps. I would also like to customize my home page and move things around, maybe embedd a map from Ovi Maps and a song from Music Store, my Email account too. I would like to make out of the Ovi Portal, my own portal.

I would also like to a new service by Nokia, what about getting to compete with Google and open a search engine? 

You can start using Ovi by just going to: Ovi.Com

Via: ZOMGITSJ and Ovi Blog