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Ovi Nokia: Ovi Suite Gets Update and Lots Of Improvements

Today my Ovi Suite notified me that version is available! It brings new great features that are really useful and cool to see in the Nokia Ovi Suite. The first new feature that I noticed is that Contacts now sync to Ovi.com. So your contacts will not only be saved on your computer but safely in the web too. The new update also brought ”Ovi Player” which is a replacement for Nokia Music. The new Ovi Player is a standalone app, is not part of the Ovi Suite. Its a cool way to manage music on your computer and phone.  (BTW, I forgot to take the screenshot while I was updating, so that is why the pic says is already installed)

Other new features that brought the new version of Ovi are four new applications for the Nokia N97, this are just the apps that are available at ”App Update” on the phone, for example, Mail for Exchange and Ovi Contacts. I also notice the whole program faster. I really like what Ovi is becoming, you can have a lot of things in one place. To get the new version just go to ”Software Update” on the Ovi Suite.