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On Facebook’s Phone!

Why do we need a Facebook Phone? I have a Facebook app that already puts into mobile all that Facebook is. And what’s Facebook’s interest of getting into hardware production, when there’s so many problems involved with it, and they know so little about it?

There’s excellent mobile hardware out there: the Galaxy SIII, the iPhone 4S, and the Nokia Lumia 900 as well. All of these latest mobile phones have value behind them in terms of ecosystem, R&D, and more importantly, time that brings about maturity to each platform. These phones already do Facebook very well, so what exactly could Facebook offer in a dedicated FacePhone? It seems to me that Facebook is forgetting that there’s more to a smartphone than its Facebook capabilities. I wonder how much Facebook knows about camera technology to let FacePhone users upload decent pics to Twitter. I wonder if the FacePhone will have decent enough battery and reception to please demanding teens. Or how they are going to plan to convince developers they are the next big mobile platform after iOS, Android, and yes, Windows Phone!

The idea of a Facebook phone is certainly alluring, but looking more closely at it, it’s just a terrible idea. Microsoft caught the last bus to ecosystem-land. Facebook is late, and they are wasting resources and time instead of catching the first bus to ________.

  • http://twitter.com/SirKneeland John Kneeland

    The other issue is that Facebook’s actions don’t happen in a vacuum; they will engender a competitive response. Once Facebook becomes a competitor, expect to see other hardware and OS vendors throwing their weight behind G+ or god knows what else

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      the social network monopoly is scary… But it’s also the nature of the business, everybody’s supposed to be on the same network, hence, it can only be a monopoly!