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Official Nokia OVI Blue Theme

I have been using the theme the OVI Team from Nokia made to complement our Nokia devices and enhance them as an extent of our personality. I always used the same theme on every Nokia handset I had but the OVI Blue theme just got me and I am using it on every device I have!  The theme just amazed me, first I just installed it and thought to myself that it looked really nice. But some time later when someone was calling me I heard the most beautiful sound ever, and that is the OVI ringtone that the OVI Blue theme packs (music on the video). The SMS alert is also elegant and believe me, everyone that hears my device ringing asks me to send the ringtone via Bluetooth, is just amazing and by far the best ringtone ever a phone could have.  Another amazing thing I just discovered (and encouraged me to make a video) was the screensaver that the OVI blue theme packs, is just beautiful. You should really give the OVI Blue theme a try and share what you think! OVI Blue Theme

Nokia OVI Blue Theme for Nokia Devices from Edward Umana on Vimeo.

  • Usman Khan

    thanks for the great theme but not working with my 5320 XM’s folder icon like, Internet, Office, My Own, Games… can any one help me out for this?


    Usman Khan

    • edward

      So the theme works (wallpaper, colors, etc..) but the icons don’t? Sometimes the themes don’t have all the icons, there are a lot and its impossible to add all of them. However, keep checking back! I will bring you some themes exclusively made for your 5320.

  • Sacha

    Hi i am also using the ovi blue theme on my nokia e61i.. its the best theme i have ever used and its not so heavy on the phone memory.. the icons work fully for me..

    • edward

      Yes, its a great theme