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Official: Lumia 900 doesn’t use PenTile Technology

Some confusion raised about the Nokia Lumia 900’s display after it was introduced: it was not clear if like the Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 used a PenTile AMOLED display. The PenTile display technology shares green sub pixels with other RGB pixels, so you get one-third fewer sub-pixels in total due to the new arrangement. In fact, a 4.3″ screen would have the same resolution as a 4″ display using PenTile technology! In a full RGB panel, each pixel is made up with 12 sub pixels, whereas in a PenTile display, only 8 sub pixels are present. The effects a PenTile display produces are often noticeable by the end user: some colors look grainy and fuzzy, and whites have an odd tone to them. In summary, PenTile displays aren’t as sharp and accurate as a full RGB matrix display: they are cheaper versions of the real thing.

It has been officially confirmed to me by Nokia, that the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 does not use a PenTile arrangement. This means the Lumia 900 is using a full RGB matrix display, which will result in a much better experience. It’s nice to see that Nokia is really trying to offer the best experience possible by improving the quality of the components and materials they use. A full RGB matrix display will ensure that images look nice and sharp on the Lumia 900’s screen.

Thanks OLED-info for the pic and explanation