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Off to Nokia World! Taking Suggestions too…

I really hope you have noticed the flashing, magenta banner up in the website, if you haven’t, I’ve got some news for you! I’ll be covering Nokia World 2011 directly from London, England for all you guys interested in the revolution that’s about to begin at Nokia. There are big changes going on at Nokia, and it’s impossible not to be excited if you are a Nokia fan, or just a tech lover.

The opening keynote, given by no other than Stephen Elop, will be Wednesday 26th at 9AM London time. You can watch the keynote live at:¬†events.nokia.com/nokiaworld/.¬†However, there will be other events before Nokia World officially starts, and other talks given by interesting people such as Joe Belfiore and Marko Ahtisaari. I’ll be there as well, so keep an eye on here!

If you have a question or would like me to take an in depth look of something to be annonced at Nokia World, just shoot me an email or a tweet using the buttons on the sidebar.

Nokia World Opening Keynote Times:

10:00PM – Hawaii (October 25th)
01:00AM – Pacific (October 26th)
02:00AM – Mountain (October 26th)
03:00AM – Central (October 26th)
04:00AM – Eastern (October 26th)
09:00AM – London (October 26th)
10:00AM – Paris (October 26th)
12:00PM – Moscow (October 26th)
05:00PM – Tokyo (October 26th)