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Nseries-Blog Gifts You a Free N-Gage Game! Any N-Gage Game you want!

As I have previously said, this blog is about you. And what better way to demonstrate it than giving away something?  Well that is why the team has decided to give away a N-Gage game for your Nseries device!  And what game you might ask?  Well any game you want! Maybe FIFA 09 or Resident Evil, it is your decision. You can check the N-Gage Showroom on your device to see a list of available games. Competing is very

Competing is very easy, just leave a comment saying something like ”I want it” or ”I am in” whatever you like and in 3 days (February 06, 2009) UPDATE: Since comments were not working the competition extents to February 07, 2009 we will announce the winner right here at the Nseries-Blog! So what are you waiting?! Leave a comment and get that free NGage Game!!!

  • Dooku

    i want asphalt urban gt4!!

  • John

    Me wants!!!

  • http://nseries-blog.com Edward Umana


  • BodyZ

    I wanna metal gear!