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Npaper N97p Press Release – Build Your Own N97

Today at school was lots of fun, we had to do a 3D paper model in the computer and every part of it had to match perfectly, I was about to do a house when I thought ”Why not a Nokia N97?” I know this is very geeky, but between the house and the N97, I went N97 all the way.  Here is the press release from the new Npaper Mobile Company:

Npaper presents, the N97p. The N97p is completely made out of paper, it is the phone with the best build quality because the owner can choose the material and build it himself. So you are right, with the N97p  you can no longer blame Nokia because of the bad build quality your device has, this time, if the N97p has bad build quality, it is completely and absolutely your fault. The N97p will serve you well, it will keep you very entertained at least half an hour while you build it yourself, and even more if you want to customize it a little bit in Photoshop.  The N97p has the longest stand-by time ever on a phone, in fact it does not even bring a charger, it also has all the apps you could think off, as well as all the features you could imagine and unlimited hard drive memory, the megapixel count is also in your hands, my N97p has 12Megapixels with dual-flash and Xenon flash for pictures in the dark. The N97p is available right now with free delivery and an unbeatable price of $0.00.

If the sales of the N97p are good enough, we might even update its firmware to the next version were some bugs will be fixed and stability will be improved, if you would like to buy the N97p just place your order by saving the image below, then start building your own N97p!  Now, anyone want a N93p?

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  • anonymous

    how do you build it

    • edward

      Just use scissors, then just glue all together!

  • Charles Andrei

    hey guys! for a more solid feel & better quality,try using cardstock instead of plain paper? it’ll make your N97p last a lifetime. well, almost…..

  • NeoHom

    It’s awesome, man! You should get it painted with silver color btw. lol