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NokiaUSA Ships Black N97 Today | White N97 in Two Days!

If you are one of those who pre-ordered the Nokia N97 from NokiaUSA ( like me) there are great news for us! We have been waiting for that pre-order Nokia N97 to ship from NokiaUSA for now a long time, we even thought that the guys who pre-orderd the N97 at Amazon for a full $100 less would get it first, but fortunately, that won’t happen!

Nokia promised that by pre-ordering the Nokia N97 at NokiaUSA, we would have the N97 the same day that the N97 arrived the country, before anyone else. And I am happy to say that they kept that promise, today the Services Sales Manager for Nokia in North America announced that the black Nokia N97 is processing today,  and the white version will ship in two days.  It is fair to say that NokiaUSA kept their promise and they are shipping the N97 almost 20 days earlier than Amazon.

But that is not all, we also have to recognize that NokiaUSA did a GREAT job by shipping the N97 at the same time, or even earlier, than Nokia in Europe and Asia. Remember some months ago when the USA had to wait 2-3 months for the NAM version of a phone to be shipped? Well, congrats Nokia USA and those who pre-ordered with them, your N97s should be there very soon.

  • jon

    i called them this morning and said my order was on hold. i just cleared the transaction with the bank too.. they said they won’t be able to reauthorize the charge until tuesday. LAME. i am having such a bad pre order experience..

  • ngan nguyen

    trust me i am having a bad experience too. update me more later on ur side

  • jon

    i just received a shipping confirmation and will get it by friday before 7 pm. i regret not getting next day since i spent so much on this phone already. however, i had to check the status on the nokia website because i did not get any email. to make matters worse, my e71 died on me 4 weeks ago so i decided to shop around and pre ordered the n97. i sent in my e71 to get repaired and it is still not working! i am using a razor for over a month and it’s driving me crazyyy!

    • edward

      Uhh, a razr, that must be bad…..

  • jon

    yes it is bad.. i’ll update on friday.

  • JimmyDC

    Hi guys. Haven’t been on here for a while. I wanted to see if anyone has any information from Amazon regarding their orders? I called them last Friday and they said the item would be shipped out by the 17th (yesterday) but I didn’t get an email. I called them yesterday and they said that I’m guaranteed to received by the delivery date promised which is the 23rd (this coming Tuesday). The problem is that my friend also ordered one and Amazon told him yesterday that ithey won’t have one till the 20th or 25th of July. Makes no sense. This is for the white one…

    Anyone else order from Amazon? If so, did you order a black one or a white one and did you receive any notification of when you’d have the item?

    I know that Amazon’s site states that the black one is back-ordered and that it will be available on the 25th of June and that the white one is just temporarily out of stock.

    And, anyone who got theirs already…I hope you’re enjoying it.

  • jon

    ok, i love this phone. although the keyboard takes a little time to get used to.

  • Roberto

    Hello jon how are you, do you buy in amazon.com? and he cant billed your order in you credit card?? I have 5 ordered buy this days I have had problems with my credit card, so do you think that they try to charge my credit card and they couldnt ??

    whe do you think the white vesion will being sending?

    thanks and regards