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Nokia’s Stock Upgraded to “Hold” from “Sell”

Nokia’s stock plummeted soon after the Windows Phone strategy was announced. The stock fell from around 25USD to 6USD per share. Analysts also downgraded Nokia’s credibility as a stable company and quickly issued a “Sell” status. Nomura Securities has now upgraded Nokia’s grade from a “reduce” to a “neutral.” In other words, analysts are starting to trust Nokia can execute its strategy and deliver products that will strengthen Nokia’s position in the market.

It’s very nice to see how Nokia is starting to get itself afloat after so much trouble. Hopefully Nokia World 2011 will further prove that Nokia is back!

Via: WMPowerUser

  • http://www.thoughtsfromhell.net Michael Hell

    i bet the positive for the Nokia N9 and Windows Phone Mango has something to do with this ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I think lots of activity from Nokia has something to do with this also: lots of new devices launched, albeit Symbian Anna and Belle, Nokia World upcoming, WP7.5 phones upcoming, new¬†accessories¬†launched almost every month, things are still moving and I think the worst is over. By the Spring of 2012, Nokia is going to prove itself a force of nature again in the mobile world with WP7.5 onboard…