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Nokia’s New Site – Greenexplorer Will Help You Travel


Nokia is cataloged as one of the greenest electronics company in the world by Greenpeace, and every once in a while, Nokia releases a new application like WE:OFFSET to help the planet and make it a better place. This time, Nokia introduced a very interesting a new concept, it is a site called ”Greenexplorer” that helps users travel ”green.” through the world. The site’s main objective is to help the people get tips from locals of a determined zone, so when they travel they can get the most out of their journey and use the greenest and more planet friendly methods of transportation etc… The site also lets the users share their journey and send pictures to the site so people can see how beautiful the destination, and the world are. In this venture, Nokia has three partners, WWF, Lonely Planet, Jamble and RouteRANK which are all environmental agencies that together with Nokia plan to cause an impact on users to improve the world. 

For example I got a very nice tip for the next time I travel to Finland, an user says that ”Tap water is safe (and also tastes good) throughout Finland. It is purer than bottled water. If you buy bottled water you can recycle the bottles in most grocery stores.” There are tips from almost all countries in the world, and if you country is still not in the list, you can contribute and leave your tips so when people travel the country they can get the most out of their journey. You can check the new site from Nokia here: Greenexplorer