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Nokia’s First Windows Phone will be “Stunning”

The next couple of months are going to be interesting in the mobile scene: there’s the iPhone coming out in a few weeks, a whole wave of smartphones running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and of course, competitor’s Windows Phone Mango devices. Nokia has to make sure that what they will offer is different and better than what already exists, and what is about to come. Nokia’s strategy to focus their muscle on making a comeback with Windows Phone Mango seems to be successful, but they still have to deliver in a unique way to markets that have changed a lot since they last introduced something revolutionary.

In a recent interview with Pocket Lint, Nokia’s general manager for UK and Ireland gave away some details about Nokia’s first Windows Phone. It will be “stunning,” it has elicited “spontaneous” reactions from partners who are not easily impressed. Hopefully Nokia will surprise the world with a fresh and innovative flagship device. Keep an eye on the sidebar Nokia World 2011 countdown clock to find out whether that will happen or not!

“To the partners we have shown the device to, their words, not necessarily mine – although I agree – upon showing it to them. It’s spontaneous and unprompted. They say ‘the first Nokia Windows Phone is absolutely stunning’ and that’s die hard gurus in this business, who have thick skin”

-Conor Pierce, Nokia UK and Ireland General Manager

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