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Nokia X7 With 4″, 4 Speakers, and 8MP Leaks – Looks Sweet

We knew that the Nokia X7 was coming because of the roadmap that leaked some months ago; but I personally never thought it would be this exciting. The Nokia X7 first leaked, in picture format anyway, today – showing a glorious 4″ screen, 4 speakers, and what in my opinion is, a sweet looking design.

The most impressive feature of the Nokia X7 is its four speakers. I am sure this four speakers will blow away devices like the HTC Surround with dedicated slide-out speaker. The next most exciting feature is the 4″ AMOLED screen. The X7 still doesn’t have rumored announcement date, but my bet is that it will be announced at the mobile world congress and will ship in no more than 3 weeks after announced, since Nokia now changed to a policy of eliminating the waiting time between announcement and release date of products. Another interesting detail is that there are 4 homescreens on this X7, as well as updated icons. The X7 might run an updated version of Symbian OS. Stay tuned for more details!