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Nokia X6 NAM: There Will Be A X6 NAM Afterall (Official)

Update: Even though Forum Nokia still shows a NAM version of the X6 with 2100/1900/850mhz 3G, the X6 apparently won’t be released in the USA because Comes With Music is not available in this country. ¬†Seems like the NAM X6 is headed to some Latin American countries like Mexico where Comes With Music works.

When Nokia launched the Nokia X6 at Nokia World, the first thing I  wanted to know was if there would be a NAM version with 3G compatible for North America; afterall, a smartphone is not really useful if it lacks 3G.

At first, it looked like the X6 was specially targeted at Europe and Asia because it was supposed to be a Comes With Music phone only and therefore a North American version was not likely to be released by Nokia. But the good news are that there will be a NAM X6 afterall! The official specifications at Nokia Forum just went live and it shows that there will be two versions of the X6, one for Euro/Asia and other for N/S America! You can go and check it out for yourself: Nokia Forum – X6 Device Details

When the device was launched by Nokia, I immediately went to Nokia Forum to check the complete device details. The weird thing was that the X3 and N97 Mini (annanounced at the same time) were up, the X6 was not. I suppose it took Nokia a while to decide weather the X6 would have NAM 3G or not.

Just to refresh your mind, the X6 is the first Nokia device to have a capacitive touchscreen.