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Nokia X6 NAM Available In The North American Market, Is Responsive To Your Touch

Remember we told you that the Nokia X6 was coming in the NAM flavor? Not many thought that it was going to come, and it took some time, but is finally here, the NAM version of the Nokia X6.

Nokia USA just made available the Nokia X6 in the North American Market. Currently the Nokia X6 is being offered in both of the Flagship stores in the US, it will also hit the NokiaUSA online store, what we still don’t know is when. The Nokia X6 first made is debut as a ”Comes With Music” only phone for markets that supported the service, Nokia later unveiled a 16GB version, but no NAM X6 was mentioned. Today the X6 NAM silently appeared at NokiaUSA in three colors, yellow, blue and black. Along with a description that reads ”responsive to your touch,” which we find very ironical, partly because the Nokia X6 is the first capacitive touchscreen device from Nokia. Seems they learnt that resistive screens weren’t that responsive after all.

The X6 can be pre-ordered here: NokiaUSA

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