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Nokia World: Nokia E7 and N8 Comparison Pics

So we are here at Nokia World in London. And, we got our hands on both the Nokia E7 and the Nokia N8! Both at the same time, both in green. Here is the pic gallery:

The N8 and the E7 have similar dimensions. Amazingly, they are equally thick even though the E7 has a full QWERTY keyboard. The E7 of course is a bit wider and longer since it sports a 4″ CBD display. The E7 opens to reveal a full QWERTY, and like the N8, the battery can’t be removed.

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  • El Marko

    In addition to pictures, there are ample opportunities for 3 or 4 more articles describing the differences between the E7 and N8. And I think a lot of us are trying to decide between these two fine phones. For example, what's with the decision by Nokia to not include a microSD slot in the E7? I have read the E7 has considerably more RAM than the N8. From the user perspective, are the differences in the internal memory and internal memory + microSD capabilities of these two phones something that we'll really notice? Is the OTG USB capability of the E7 (the N8 has it, too) enough to overcome the absence of a microSD slot?

    What about differences between the software shipped with these two phones? I've read where the E7 comes with QuickOffice, but the N8 has only a “QuickOffice viewer”. If true, hey, what's with that? If someone wants to use the N8 in a business environment, how much extra software is that person going to have to purchase, in order to get to the level of that which is available to the E7 out-of-the-box.

    Hey, NM, please produce some more – and some really substantive – articles comparing these two phones.

    Oh, and thanks for the pictures. . .

    • edumana

      You have a point, thank you for suggesting!

    • Duncan_mcdougal

      Quick Office costs $16 US.

    • Lie2see

      my n8 has quickoffice for documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoint.

  • Tamer.ElRefaie

    “and like the N8, the battery can’t be removed”
    what does this mean??
    Does it mean that you can’t open the back and replace the battery when it ran out and is dead and u want to get a new one?

  • Pri Chawla

    e 7 for sure

  • Arnav

    i also have n95 n im thinkin to buy e7

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    very nice informative article .. thanx for sharing

  • http://cams4fun.wordpress.com Espana

    Combined touch screen and full slide-out keyboard…Nokia has put elegance into this form factor