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Nokia with Windows Phone, Plenty of Differentiating Factors

Ever since Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft, some people have argued that it will be hard for Nokia to differentiate itself from other manufacturers. However, Nokia today demonstrated that it is not a problem.

On the hardware side, there really no manufacturer that comes close to Nokia’s quality in terms of finish and design. The Lumia 800 is the most beautiful Windows Phone out there, and that is more of a fact than opinion. Of course this tends to be personal opinion, but I would argue that the general consensus is that the Lumia is indeed special among Windows Phone devices. Nokia also strongly differentiates itself by offering an excellent camera, unlike other OEMs. The Lumia 800 has an 8 Megapixel f/2.2 Carl Zeiss camera with dual LED flash.

On the software side, Nokia just introduced three apps that will really set Nokia Windows Phone devices apart. To begin with, Nokia introduced Nokia Navigation on their Windows Phone lineup. This app will allow the user to download maps and use the Lumia as a standalone GPS unit; no data required. Nokia also introduced a pandora kind-of-app called Nokia Music. This will give the user “mixes” based on artists and songs, and will play them for free, and without even signing-up. You can literally power-on your Lumia 800 and start listening to music without paying anything. Nokia also introduced an unique app in partnership with ESPN, the app will be available later this year.

So there you go, Nokia just proved at Nokia World that they will be able to differentiate themselves from other Windows Phone manufacturers.