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Nokia Windows Phone with Buttonless Interface Spotted (Update: Nope!)

Update: It’s a bit sad when people try to force news when there’s none. This is the perfect example: the “mysterious” device is just a tag that Nokia employees use to display their name. So there’s really nothing to look at here. Thanks to The Verge for debunking this one out.

At the Nokia Lumia 710 press conference there was a little interesting device circulating in secret among the Nokia staff. There’s no official name and few features are known about this device, but it’s really exciting to see something like this. Apparently it’s a 3″ device running Windows Phone, but without the three buttons that Microsoft demands from OEMs. This means that Nokia and Microsoft could be working to bring something like Swipe UI to Windows Phone; this might be a test device. The prototype, however, is not a phone. It lacks radio bands, so it could also be some sort of iPod competitor. 2012 certainly looks exciting for Nokia and Microsoft!