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Nokia Windows Phone “Portfolio” Coming to the U.S Soon

I was completely stunned as Nokia unveiled the 800 earlier today at Nokia World 2011; they really thought this one out and the  outcome was a very successful product launch. When they started to list the countries in which the 800 Lumia would be available, I was crossing my fingers for the U.S.A to be mentioned somewhere in the list; it didn’t happen, I was disappointed. Then Elop mentioned something about the U.S and I knew there was some hope! Take a look at the quote below:

“Nokia also announced its plans to introduce a portfolio of products into the US in early 2012 and into mainland China in the first half of 2012.  In addition to the existing products, which include coverage for WCDMA and HSPA, Nokia also plans LTE and CDMA products to address specific local market requirements.”

Note the clear wording, Nokia will introduce a portfolio of  devices, that means more than one for sure, but more realistically, more than two devices. Then it proceeds to make the clear distinction that this portfolio will be made available in the U.S by early 2012, while China will receive it later into 2012. So we can safely conclude that we’ll see Nokia Windows Phone devices aimed at the U.S pretty soon. What you read from here, is just my speculation and educated guessing…

I think that Nokia wanted to defend their home before attacking unknown territory. The Lumia 800 definitely achieves this goal, the phone is spectacular and it will be advertised like nothing we have seen before coming from Nokia. I also think that Nokia wants to announce whatever phones are aimed at the American market on U.S territory–it really wouldn’t make sense revealing them in Europe. I really have no clue whether the Lumia will ever see the U.S, what I do know, is that those Windows Phone devices that will release in the U.S will be very high-end, Nokia knows they can’t mess this one up and will probably bring all their big guns. Let’s remember that the Lumia is a mid-high end device, after all, it’s in the 800s and there has to logically be a Nokia 900 somewhere down the line. My call is that this high-end flagship will be a U.S-centric device, and it will be probably revealed later this year or the first two months of 2012 at the most.


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