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Nokia Will Have Differentiating Hardware and Software

Today at AllThingsDigital, Windows Phone Division president Andrew Lees had some interesting information to share about Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone devices. First, and most importantly, “Nokia will have differentiating hardware and software.” This solves a doubt and raises another one: we now know that Nokia’s Windows Phone devices will run a modified Windows Phone version. Of course we are still to know to what extension this goes, maybe is just something subtle like replacing the Windows Phone font with the Nokia Pure font, or maybe it is something I am crossing my fingers for: SwipeUI on Windows Phone. Anyway, the doubt that is raised is: what did he mean by hardware differentiation? Will Nokia have access to implement different hardware that is not allowed to other OEMs? Maybe higher-resolution screens, possibly a dual core processor?

Stay tuned! We’ll be covering Nokia World this 26th and 27th of October, where all these mysteries will be solved…

Via Engadget