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Nokia Thought of Buying RIM at Some Point

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that people “familiar with the matter” say that Nokia and Microsoft were thinking about making a joint bid for Blackberry manufacturer Research In Motion. There were informal meetings that took place in recent months, but nothing resulted out of these talks as RIM is not willing to sell any of its assets.

Why would Microsoft and Nokia want to make that move? There’s absolutely nothing to recycle from BB OS but for BBM and other tools enterprise users love like BES and the enhanced security features such as two factor authentication. I can see how having a BBM-enabled Windows Phone would be appealing to a large base of users, but the cost of buying RIM just for those features seems unthinkable of. It’s going to be an interesting new year for RIM, I feel like something drastic could happen while RIM waits to finally be able to ship BB 10 devices by the end of 2012. 

On another note, it’s interesting and indeed reassuring to see that Nokia and Microsoft are working together in the mobile industry. Making a “joint bid” further reassures each company’s commitment with another.